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Ballard,Hank: Singin and swingin,EP,KING 2 451,VG++

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1 x Wilson,Tony: Sugar Moon/Mario Dini,Torrero,BELL 85,VG++
1 x Terrifics: Little star/Rick Corio,Nel blu di pinto di blue,BELL 88VG+_+
1 x Adano,Bobby: Never got to the dance/Eager beaver heart, IMPERIAL 5628, EX
1 x Adams, Billy: Got my Mojo workin/Betty and Dupree, SUN 389
1 x Alaimo,Steve: Blue skies/I want you to love me,MARLIN 6064,EX
1 x Adams,Billy: Big M/My happiness,APT 25072,VG++
1 x Anderson,Kriss: He s my boyfriend/The sloopy,OLD TOWN 1190,EX
1 x Adams,Billy: Big M/My happiness,APT 25072,VG+
1 x Alaimo,Steve: Happy pappy/Gotta lotta love,IMPERIAL 66003,VG+(+)
1 x ACETATE: THE TROLLS, Mr. Whetherman/I believe
1 x 4 Closures: Rock a my soul/Maybe,SPECIALTY 643,PROMO,sol, VG++
1 x Adventurers: Trail blazer/Rip van Winkle,CAPITOL 4292,VG++
1 x Abbott sisters: Were gonna bop/My heart has a conscience,FABOR 4003,EX
1 x All-niters: Summertime blues/You talk too much,CASH 1725,EX
1 x Ambrose,Johnny: Hey watcha doin/When will you marry me, BETHLEHEM 3018, EX
1 x Adrian,Tommy: Jitterbug heart/I m aleavin,TIN PAN ALLEY 151,EX,sol
1 x Angel and Devines: The octopus/BIg mouth, SIANA 720,EX
1 x 4 used records,VG+
1 x Allisons: Ling ting tong,pt.2,TIP 1012,EX,PROMO
1 x Adams,Billy: Peggys party/Count everyu star,CAPITOL 4308,EX,promo
1 x Adderley,Tommy: Knee deep in the blues/Writre me a letter,LEXIAN LS5,VG(+)
1 x Alpert,Dore: Fallout shelter/Tell it to the birds,CARNIVAL 701,EX
1 x Adams,Faye: Shake a hand/It hurts me to my heart,WARWICK 590,VG++,promo
1 x Ace,Johnny: No money/Pledging my love,DUKE 136,EX
1 x Baker,LaVern: Play it fair/Lucky old star,ATLANTIC 1075,EX
1 x Allison,Gene: Reap what you sow/Tell me the truth,VEEJAY 305,EX
1 x Ballard,Hank: Finger poppin time/I love you I love you so,PARLOPHONE 4682,EX
1 x Allison,Gene: Hey hey I love you/You can make it if you try,VEEJAY 256,VG+,PROMO
1 x Bailey,James: Aint that a reason/If I had known,ROMO 5311,EX
1 x Allen,Tony: Train of love/God gave me you,JAMIE 1143,VG++
1 x Anderson,Elton: Roll on train/Shed so many tears,VIN 1001,EX
1 x Ballard, Hank: Finger poppin time/I love you, I love you so, KING 5341, EX
1 x Ballard,Hank: Lets go again/Deep blue sea,KING 5459,EX
1 x Allison,Gene: Now that were together/I understand,CHEROKEE 1019,EX
1 x Allison,Gene: Somebody somewhere,DECCA 30185,VG+,promo
1 x Baker,LaVern: Bop ting a ling/Thats all I need, ATLANTIC 1057,EX
1 x Ballard,Hank: I dont know how to do but one thing/These young girls,KING 5884,EX,coh
1 x Allen,Lee: Boppin at the hop/Strolling with mr.Lee,EMBER 1031,EX
1 x Ballard,Hank: Lets go lets go lets go/If you d forgive me, KING 5400,EX
1 x Allen & Allen: Tiddle winks/Heavenly baby,MINIT 609,EX
1 x Allen,Mills: Dorothy Jane/Here it is,BLACK GOLD 304,EX
1 x Baker,Lavern: You re teasing me/I wanted too long, ATLANTIC 2021,VG+